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Day 4

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3rd October 2019

0700 - 0800hrs

Registration & Welcome Coffee / Tea

Al Dana Foyer

0800 - 1500hrs

Parallel Workshops


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: HSE Technologies

Title: HSE Online and Mobile Technologies for Chemical and Waste Management and Regulatory Compliance

Tony Diamantidis

Tony Diamantidis

Managing Director

Chemical Safety Software

Tony Diamantidis is the Managing Director of Chemical Safety Software, a US headquartered global provider of software systems and technologies for lifecycle chemical and waste management. He is also Regional Director of the EU-based Chemical Safety International. Chemical Safety’s technologies include the manufacture, procurement, receipt, distribution, storage, use and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials as well as tools for chemical registration and corporate and regulatory compliance and reporting.

As managing director, Mr. Diamantidis managed the implementation of large scale projects for the US Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as for large organizations in the chemical, gas & oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, research, utilities, and academic sectors.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott

Business Analyst and
Project Manager

Chemical Safety Software

Paul Scott is a Business Analyst and Project Manager at Chemical Safety Software. He has managed the implementation of multiple lifecycle chemical and waste management projects worldwide.

Iokasti Kafetzopoulou

Iokasti Kafetzopoulou

Marketing Coordinator

Chemical Safety Software

Iokasti Kafetzopoulou is a Marketing Coordinator at Chemical Safety Software and will be responsible for moderating and managing the successful conduct of this workshop.


  • Overview of HSE Data Management Technology Challenges facing the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • Review of Regional and Global Chemical and Waste Management Requirements
  • Chemical Lifecycle Management Objectives and Opportunities
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Chemical and Waste Management Program

Who Should Attend

  • Gas & Oil and Petrochemical Business Directors
  • EHS and HSE Management and Personnel
  • Facility Management Personnel
  • R&D Personnel
  • Chemical and Waste Management Personnel


  • Chemical and Waste Data Management Challenges Facing the Gas & Oil and Petrochemical Industries
  • Regional and Global Regulatory Requirements
  • Best Practices for Chemical and Waste Data Management and Reporting
  • Cloud-Based Chemical and Waste Management Software Technologies
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Chemical and Waste Management Process in your Organization

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Understanding of Data Management Requirements in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • Understanding of Regional and Global Chemical and Waste Management Regulatory Requirements Tools for establishing a Chemical and Waste Data Management plan for your Organization
  • Cost-Benefits and ROI in Implementing a Comprehensive Chemical and Waste Management System in your Organization Developing Action Plans


  • Candidates who participate in the 1-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation in HSE Technologies for Chemical and Waste Management from Global HSE 2019


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Principles of Quantitative Risk Assessments

Title: Fundamentals and Practicalities of Quantitative Risk Assessments in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Abdulrahman Hesham Souka

Abdulrahman Hesham Souka

Technical Safety Consultant & KSA Country Manager

Risktec Solutions
United Kingdom

Abdulrahman has a strong academic background in Chemical Engineering and extensive technical safety and risk management experience in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. Executing and coordinating onshore plant and pipelines Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA) and Building Risk Assessments (BRA), as well as other studies involving physical effects and risk modelling. Facilitating and participating in workshops and technical meetings (e.g. HAZID, HAZOP, SIL / LOPA). Abdulrahman is an approved facilitator for workshop based studies. Developing Bow Tie diagrams, including the identification and implementation of SCEs and SCAs. Authoring and reviewing onshore and offshore Safety (/ HSSE / HSE) Cases (in line with regulatory and corporate requirements). Managing large projects and delivery within scope, on time, and on budget.

He is a proficient user of various proprietary software packages including DNV-GL PHAST and SAFETI, Shell FRED, BowTieXP, and PHA Pro.

He has an extensive track record of directly advising and making recommendations to client companies through technical studies/reports, workshops, secondments and site visits.


  • Provide a practical guidance on how to utilise the QRA technique to assess risk to people and draw conclusions for decision making purposes.

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Safety / Process Safety / Loss Prevention / Risk Management / HSE professionals
  • Regulatory staff / specialists
  • Project managers
  • Plant managers
  • Those responsible for managing, reviewing and interpreting QRA results
  • Those with a keen interest in QRA / mathematical modelling


  • Hazard Identification (HAZID), including release sources, representative operating conditions / material compositions, credible consequence scenarios
  • Physical effects (consequence) modelling
  • Failure frequency calculation and assessment
  • Risk calculation, including ignition probability, vulnerability probability and weather probability, and manning or population calculations
  • Risk tolerability criteria
  • Sensitivity analyses and risk reduction measures
  • Specialist software

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Understand the QRA methodology and how to incorporate appropriate input data and assumptions
  • Use the QRA technique to assess risk to people
  • Compare QRA results with risk tolerability criteria and evaluate potential risk reduction measures
  • Develop an understanding of the strengths and limitations of QRA studies


  • Candidates who participate in the one-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation from Global HSE 2019 and Risktec Solutions.


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Human Factors

Title: Key Aspects of Human Factors in Safety

James Bunn

James Bunn

Principal Human Factors Consultant

The Keil Centre Limited
United Kingdom

James is a highly experienced human factors specialist and industrial accident investigator. He has a broad experience base, having previously worked for the UK health & safety regulator and in the energy sector in Norway. James is a respected professional and his experience covers all aspects of human factors from workplace and equipment design to human reliability analysis. James has worked with many industries over the past 17 years, including oil, gas and renewables, chemical processing, product manufacturing, logistics and rail transport.

James was the human factors specialist member of the multidisciplinary team that investigated the terror attack on the In Amenas gas facility site in Algeria in 2013. This was a major incident which received international media coverage and resulted in a public inquest in the UK.


  • To provide delegates with knowledge of key aspects of human factors that have proven to be relevant to safety
  • To introduce some practical Human Factors tools and methods
  • To help delegates to identify areas for improvement in their own organisations and how to initiate change

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders and executives who wish to learn more about human factors
  • HSE Managers, Supervisors and Advisors
  • Professionals from all industry sectors
  • Site managers
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about the practical application of Human Factors to health and safety


  • Human Factors in control and human-machine interface design
  • Human Factors in the design of effective procedures
  • Understanding and managing human error and non-compliance
  • Understanding safety culture
  • Human Factors in incident investigations

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Identify good and poor aspects of control system design and the relevant requirements
  • Identify aspects of procedures that could contribute to errors and understand how these can be improved
  • Understand the difference between human error and non-compliance, and how these should be managed
  • Understand what safety culture is, how it is assessed and gain an overview of how an effective safety culture can be developed
  • Understand how human factors contributes to investigations, and the human factors aspects that affect investigators themselves


  • Candidates who participate in the 1-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation from Global HSE 2019


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS)

Title: OEMS – Getting it Right the First Time

Dr. Chit Lutchman

Dr. Chit Lutchman


Safety erudite Inc.
Canada / USA

Dr. Chit Lutchman is a hands-on Oil and Gas professional with more than 25 years of experience in leading operations, project planning and management, HSE, PSM and Operations Excellence Management Systems (OEMS).

Chit is experienced in Operations Risk Management, and is a published author in the areas of HSE, PSM and OEMS. He has provided solutions for improving operations discipline and managing operations risk and HSE to ENOC, BAPCO, and several North American Oil and Gas Majors. He is also a published author in the subject areas defined above.


  • The journey towards Operations Excellence and Operations Discipline
  • Stages involved in developing an Operationally Excellence Management System (OEMS)
  • Strategies for managing the people side of change
  • Strategies for implementing and sustaining OEMS – Networks development
  • Software for supporting OEMS

Who Should Attend

  • Senior operations management leaders – Presidents / VP Operations & HSE / Operations Managers of all industries
  • HSE leaders ... all levels
  • Reliability Engineers and senior maintenance leaders
  • Owners and Contractors leadership
  • Functional Leaders – Procurement / HR / Support


  • Selecting and defining relevant Element of the Management System
  • Writing corporate OEMS Standards to communicate Organizational requirements
  • Implementing OEMS – Setting up Networks and Communities of Practice for successful implementation and sustainment
  • Implementing OEMS – Managing the people side of change
  • Managing the cultural shift to operations discipline

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • The sequential steps involved in successful implementation of OEMS
  • How to write documents / Standards / Procedures so they are usable
  • How to set up and steward implementation and sustainment Networks
  • How to manage the people side of the OEMS Changes
  • How to assess the status of the organization’s management system to make incremental improvements towards OEMS vs revolutionary change towards OEMS


  • Candidates who participate in the one-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation from Global HSE 2019 and Risktec Solutions.


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Incident Investigation Workshop

Title: The Layers of Incident Investigation & Reporting

Ayssar Hanza

Ayssar Hanza

Risk Engineering Director

Ace Energy Group (Ex BP)
United Kingdom

Ayssar Hanza is a Risk Engineering Director with Ace Energy Group based in London. A dynamic leader with 25 years of diverse and global experience in all aspects of Risk Management, Process Safety, Asset Integrity, Incident Investigation as well as Human Factors, leading strategies and improvements; both in operations and major projects.

Her work with BP and other major operators sets an exemplary model in simplification and pragmatism; consistently delivering exceptional value in complex, high-pressure environments. Advised, supported and worked closely with senior leaders in the application of company visions and standards with an ability to lead, think strategically, and embed lasting value.

Track record of winning hearts and minds; acting as an inspirational role model for business values. She empowers companies with limited resources to have a world class management system to prevent accidents and helps develop their capability.

A passionate Coach, skilled trainer and a Global Award winner (IChemE) and finalist for the Oil & Gas UK Safety Awards. She is known for her distinct style in engaging, thought-provoking and positive approach, drawing on people’s existing knowledge and experience as well the latest thinking. She is admired for her practical, energetic, relevant and highly actionable style.


  • Broad understanding of the principles of accident investigation
  • Incident investigation techniques (to identify causal and contributory factors)
  • Understanding the contribution of human performance and failures
  • Leading investigations and apply learnings for a stronger safety culture
  • Practical exercises and case studies for effective investigation

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leaders and decision makers
  • Line managers
  • Supervisors
  • Safety representatives
  • Anyone with the responsibility for investigating accidents


  • Principles of accident investigation
  • Benefits of accident prevention
  • Accident investigation techniques
  • Accident reporting
  • Learning from accidents

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Leading successful Incident Investigation and influencing change
  • Effective application of the Safety Management System
  • Contributing to continuous improvement
  • Better understanding of human factors
  • Inspiring learnings to prevent further accidents


  • Candidates who participate in the 1-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation in Incident Investigation from Global HSE 2019


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Occupational ill Health

Title: Creating healthier and safer workpaces for prevention of diseases and improving health and well-being of workers

Dr. Ivan D. Ivanov

Dr. Ivan D. Ivanov

Team Leader, Occupational Health

World Health Organization
Headquarters, Switzerland

Dr Ivanov is leading the Global Occupational Health Team in the Headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, responsible for setting global policies, norms and standards in occupational health, monitoring trends and work- related health impacts, coordinating WHO’s technical work on occupational health, and providing technical assistance to countries for strengthening policies, institutions and services and for implementing WHO’s recommendations on occupational health. Dr Ivanov is a medical doctor from Bulgaria with MPH in occupational health and PhD in sociology of health and environment.

Dr. Rola Alemam

Dr. Rola Alemam

Technical Officer

Occupational Health and Environmental Health World Health Organization Reginal Office for the Eastern
Mediterranea, Jordan

Rola Alemam is the technical officer responsible for Occupational safety and health and environmental health in WHO Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action (WHO/CEHA) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She provides technical support and guidance to counterparts within the 22 countries in the region on the abovementioned areas of work.


  • To present the evidence on the health impacts of occupational risks
  • To acquaint participants with WHO recommendations and interventions preventing diseases through healthier and safer workplaces
  • To outline how companies can actively participate in the national efforts on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and promotion of mental health
  • To raise awareness about the linkages between corporate health, safety and environment and climate change

Who Should Attend

  • Occupational health specialists
  • Corporate health directors
  • Public health officers
  • Corporate primary health care providers
  • Managers


  • Health impacts of unsafe working conditions
  • Framework for healthy and safe workplace
  • Prevention and control of occupational non-communicable diseases
  • Mental health at the workplace
  • Environmental risks for outdoor workers

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Knowledge about the most common health impacts of occupational risks
  • Capacity to create corporate programmes for healthy and safe workplaces
  • Awareness about international recommendations and tools for healthy and safe workplaces


  • Candidates who participate in the 1-day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation in Incident Investigation from Global HSE 2019


0800 – 1500hrs

Theme: Fit2Work

Title: FIT 2 WORK POLICY- Employee Assistance Programme

Dr. Spyridon Trous

Dr. Spyridon Trous

Manager Medical Services

Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Trous is a Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and the Manager of the Medical Services Department in Bapco since 2010 and a member of several professional associations and medical committees in the EU and GCC. Dr. S. Trous graduated from Rome University “La Sapienza” with honors and has been practicing medicine for the last 30 years.

He has got a wide range of experience in running medical and rehabilitation projects and interested in developing preventative medicine and health management research plans by applying the wellbeing holistic approaches in the workplace and society.

In 2015, he initiated the Wellbeing Project 2020 and established a record of unique leadership and strategic vision in Bapco.


  • Learn to create a holistic culture of work environment
  • Learn the new trends in the field of Holistic Occupation Health
  • Fit-to-Work Policy and its necessity to organisations
  • Recent advances in the Employee Assistance Programme
  • Implementing the Quality of Care Pillars at the workplace

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources Staff
  • Recruitment Officers
  • Occupational Health Groups
  • Health and Safety Managers and Personnel
  • Doctors and Nurses


  • Fit-to-Work Policy – Recent Advances. Mr.Salman Jassim Isa,QA and infection control, Bapco
  • Pre-employments (Physicals ,Back to Work and Medical Hazards). Dr.Moses Kantipudi OH Physician Bapco
  • Substance Abuse at the Workplace. Mr.John Haskins ,Manager Director Sreen 4
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Dr.S.Trous Manager Medical Services Bapco

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • To promote the new safety culture, growth, integrity and knowledge
  • To help the industry to deliver innovative services for employees benefits


  • Candidates who participate in the 1 - day workshop shall be awarded a certificate of participation in Incident Investigation from Global HSE 2019